A new economic growth engine?

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Gianpiero Francavilla | July 10, 2017

The Smart Living market can bring improvements at so many different levels in the coming years - both to our local and national economies and to our living environments. This vision was shared in all three of the geographical areas that hosted Smart Home NOW in June: Trentino, Bari and Roma.

Our intention with Smart Home NOW has been to create a space where the players of the new IoT value chain can meet and discuss solutions that have the potential to improve quality-of-life on a much larger scale than is the case today. An example? Italy is among the countries with the oldest population, the biggest share of people living in condo's and the highest number of tourists visiting every year. Applying innovative solutions (IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence) to these markets can improve quality of life, create new industries and new local jobs.

The three areas that hosted Smart Home NOW in June are very different, but the vision of the Smart Living market as an economic driver is shared across the country. In Trentino it is seen as a natural extension of the consolidated regional sustainabilityskills already applied to various industries. In Bari as a dual opportunity: an economic opportunity related to new job creation and a concrete opportunity to improve quality of life for the region's citizens. In Roma as a huge market for all the innovative solutions that are being created through corporate / startup collaboration.

Here are the detailed comments of our hosts.

TRENTINO | “Smart Living” explains Paolo Pretti, from the board of TRENTINO SVILUPPOis an industry where Trentino has a lot to offer thanks to the specific regional skills which are a result of a high technological specialization combined with a high level of attention to the environment and quality of life. The development of this industry is in line with the operational plan of "Progetto Manifattura", Trentino's green economy investment, which sees the home and the home automation industry as underlying drivers of its growth plan”.

BARI | Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo, professor at POLYTECHNIC of BARI and Industry 4.0 representative in various national and regional working groups and expert panels declared: “Smart Living represents a big occasion for the development of our region that we cannot afford to ignore. The Polytechnic is very committed to the digital innovation which enables the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" not only in industrial contexts, but also in our living environments: emphasis should be given to the design of services that complement the physical products to increase competitiveness. Product and business model innovation is the challenge we must win in order to create quality jobs, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve the quality of life of our citizens”.

ROMA | Guido Pezzin, Business Advisor in LVenture Group and responsibile for Open Innovation in LUISS ENLABS: "We are very pleased to be involved in this initiative which has enabled us to consolidate the role of LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS as a leader in Open Innovation, expanding our presence on the national territory and our network of active companies. Currently, we are launching vertical startup acceleration programs dedicated to topics such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, with the goal of bringing innovation to our corporate partners and connecting big companies and startups. In this context, the Smart Home market is particularly relevant and interesting because it provides a multitude of applications for innovative solutions.”.

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