Accelerating the Digital Transformation and the new Service Economy

Italian version

Gianpiero Francavilla | Novembre 9, 2016

The promise of the Digital Transformation and Internet-of-Things is to improve our living environment and quality of life: introducing solutions and services that make our homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities safer, healthier, more efficient and - why not - more fun!
But the large-scale realization of that promise is still to come.

Technology is already available and the areas where technology can make a significant quality-of-life improvement have been identified, but we are still waiting for the solutions and value-chains which will effectively meet market needs.

The importance of the IoT Value Chain

For a technology vendor, deciding how to guide this change is not easy. Why?
Because the new solutions could:

For now, most technology vendors are studying the market and …each other. Making a false move could be costly, but immobility would be even worse.
Behind all Solutions there is a value-chain that goes from the technology vendor to the end-user with the collaboration of suppliers of connectivity, data services, integration, sales and local support.

So why not actively collaborate to create new Solutions that the market needs - sharing opportunity and investments and reducing risks?

The role of the end user

The end user should have a role in driving this revolution, but in today’s market it is impossible for mainstream users to understand what is available and decide what to buy.
A way to solve this problem and reduce the feeling of “risk” is to give them the opportunity to buy solutions as services (as-a-service) – maybe on a monthly basis. Giving users the opportunity to try solutions in their own environment would generate precious, real time feedback, valuable to the entire value chain. A few test cycles, with a selected group of users/locations, would be a fast and economic way to effectively adapt solutions and business models before large scale implementation.

The Local Ecosystem

This year we (Daivai) have begun creating the local ecosystem of stakeholders (see SmartHomeNow) necessary to promote and support new solutions for Smart Living: service providers, system integrators, professional and digital experts, innovation hubs.

This process will continue in 2017 and in parallel we will involve key technology players in the creation of value chains and solutions to be launched in selected Italian Hubs with the support of the local ecosystem.