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DAIVAI delivers Technology Innovation CONSULTING, Industry 4.0 SUPPORT, Business and Competence ASSESSMENT and DEVELOPMENT to Companies, Managers and Professionals determined to remain competitive in rapidly changing markets.

Who are we?

Founder, Gianpiero FRANCAVILLA (linkedin profile)
Engineer, CTO, Consultant in Technology Innovation, Solution Architect certified (AWS)
Digital Innovation and Business Transformation | Industry 4.0 | Solutions Design & Architecture | Data, IoT, AI, Cloud | Software Development | Multinational & Startup experience | Operations Management & Team Leadership | New Business Development | Product, Process, Business Model Innovation | Open Innovation & Technology transfer

Co-founder, Tina RIIS (linkedin profile)
Business Graduate, Consultant in Competence Innovation and Match-making
Technology Change Management | HR 4.0 Innovation, Training & Learning | Career & Employability Coaching | Linkedin & Head Hunting Insights | Partnership Matching | International Business Development | Marketing & Communications | Cross-cultural Competences | Italian Market and Business Development

Our Industry 4.0 consulting and technical training for Companies and Professionals is based on practical demos and solution kits, on-premise or cloud, applied to various scenarios - e.g. manufacturing, living, agriculture.
Since 2015 we have been dedicated to developing the new Internet-of-Things solutions, competences, culture, partnership and local ecosystems. We have designed and organized multiple events in different Italian innovation hubs bringing together Technology Vendors, consolidated Professionals and Digital natives and we have facilitated partnerships to seize the endless new, technology enabled, business opportunities available today.

Solution References and Matching online

Daivai.com also includes a matchmaking platform (for registered users) with a Solutions section dedicated to multi-vendor solutions and a Design center for local system integrators. These online tools currently support our workshops (business development and training) and can be tailor-made to support customer needs and local matching of technology and competences.

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