Without the local Professionals the Internet-of-Things market will not take off

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Gianpiero Francavilla | September 12, 2016

Why is the local Professional so important for developing the Internet-of-Things market? And especially for implementing the smart homes, buildings and connected neighborhoods of the future?

Those are some of the topics we have been addressing in a series of events (www.smarthomenow.it) where technology and service providers, professionals and digital experts meet around Solutions for the smart home / smart building.
We are still at the beginning of a process but it has clearly emerged that it is necessary to increase knowledge of these solutions and create real opportunities for professionals and local retailers who are able to bring these solutions to the consumer.
We have discussed this with one of the partners of this initiative Claudio CALDERA, CEO of Domotica Labs. Short summary below.

Professionals facing the latest innovation

The technological evolution of the Internet-of-Things and the double-digit growth expectations for the smart home and related services require a high level of competences at local level. However, the local market still doesn't develop at the same speed and there is a big untapped potential for professional growth and business development for local professionals.
Excluding the 'do-it-yourself' market, the majority of consumers do require support from their local professionals to build and maintain 'smart' solutions, but also simply to understand the real advantages of the new solutions. The Internet-of-Things, contrary to popular belief, increases variables and options of choice as more and more objects, processes and people are being integrated - and this is an opportunity for the professional to strengthen his/her role.

Tomorrow's Professionals

So what is next? Are professionals ready to seize this opportunity for growth, or are they avoiding the challenge?
How to reconcile the need for more and more highly specialized skills with the ability to integrate heterogenous systems and processes all necessary to achieve the high value-added services that a consumer is ready to buy (e.g. the assistance to an older person, automatic maintenance of home appliances, intelligent energy management)?

Selling ​​a solution or a service is more challenging than selling a product. To respond to the real needs of the market we need new models of collaboration between professionals with different specialties and in particular new models to reach consumers with personalized services. The succesful 'Professional 2.0' specializes and works with other specialists to implement integrated solutions and provide services that improve the quality of people's lives.
How does a professional manage to quickly and radically develop his/her technical, commercial and communication skills - all at the same time? The question is crucial and finding the answer could also be the key to innovating the entire national service market. Strategies that focus only on specific actions, such as tax incentives, are certainly not sufficient to create real, new and sustainable ecosystems.

Participants at the events Smart Home NOW in Italy are exploring these topics and work on practical solutions.

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