Technological Solutions exist to make all homes, buildings and cities healthier, safer, more energy-efficient, comfortable and fun, but in the real world our neighborhoods are not nearly as intelligent as they could be!

DAIVAI accelerates implementation of solutions that improve people's lives - where they live!

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DAIVAI is an easy-to-use online tool for:

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To learn about solutions, stories and local experts related to smart homes, buildings e neighborhoods register for free on daivai.com.

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You can send us an email to: info@daivai.com.

Daivai.com is in beta-version and is now being launched in Europe. All Solutions are published in English, but Daivai users can add Solution Stories in their own language.

In 2016 Daivai has organized a series of events for technology vendors, consolidated experts and digital experts in different Italian cities. More details on: www.smarthomenow.it.