BUSINESS 4.0 - Digitalizing products, services, processes and partnerships is the primary innovation challenge for any Company. But choosing, personalising and staying up to date with technology is often perceived as too complex, time consuming, costly and risky. Obviously, not innovating is much riskier so we need to find simple, low-cost solutions that create immediate value.

Smart LIVING - Solutions exist to make all homes, buildings, and cities healthier, safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient. But our living environments are not nearly as intelligent as they could be. Large-scale implementation of existing solutions can improve quality of life in many living environments: independent/assisted living solutions (20% of Europe’s quickly ageing population is already over 65 years old) and energy management solutions (buildings represent 40% of total energy consumption) are just two examples. But innovation is being delayed because of high fragmentation, lack of local awareness/implementation skills.

We collaborate with technology vendors, local system integrators, organisations and innovation hubs to accelerate implementation of simple low-cost solutions and facilitate access to local integrators so that the benefits of technology innovation can reach local businesses and living environments faster.

Invitation to Collaborate

Local business development

Our focus so far has been creating awareness and bringing together the stakeholder of the new Internet-of-Things ecosystems. In 2016 and 2017 DAIVAI designed and organised a series of events for technology Vendors, consolidated Professionals and Digital experts/startups in Innovation Hubs in different Italian cities (see section "Our Events" on the homepage). In 2017 and 2018 our main focus has been business and technical 4.0 training for Companies and Professionals including simple solution kits (hardware, software, cloud services) and replicable use cases (manufacturing, living, agriculture etc). Do you want more information about how we can help build your digital business? Send us your contact information and we will get back to you: info@daivai.com.

Online Reference and Matching

Daivai.com includes also an online matchmaking platform (beta) with two sections dedicated to multivendor solutions and local system integrators: Solutions and Use Cases and My Design Center. So far these online tools have been used to support the various workshops (business development and training). As the market evolves we will increase focus on these online tools to support local matching of technology and competences.

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